Highway Safety Warning Triangles

Number 1005
Triangle Kit

Kit of three triangles in high-density plastic case.

  • Meets or exceeds all applicable DOT standard FMVSS 125 and all state and legal requirements.
  • Set-up requires no tools.
  • Precision reflex tooling provides reflectors with high candle power beam for night use.
  • Fluorescent inner triangle warns daytime traffic.
  • Self-contained unit needs no power source.
  • No skid rubber feet keep the triangle in place in high wind.
  • Placement instructions permanently printed on case and triangle.

    Master packed in cartons of three. Also available: No. 1005-1 individual
    carton pak and No. 1005-IB individual triangles.

    Size: 18.75" long x 5" wide x 4.75" high.

    NOTE: This product contains non-hazardous recycled industrial materials.

Number 1005-B
Universal Bracket

  • Universal bracket. Zinc plated, 12 gauge, steel bracket with Nylon straps and steel grip like buckles.
  • Designed to mount all brands of flare kits. Securely holds flare kit in vertical or horizontal position.

    Mounting: Two holes for 5/16" screws on 14" center.
    Master packed in cartons of six.
    Size: 18.5" long x 1.25" wide x 2" high.

Number 1005-B1
Triangle Kit Bracket

  • Steel bracket.. Zinc plated.
    12 gauge with 14 gauge strap.
  • Designed to mount James King Model 1005 Triangle Kits. Kit will remain firmly in place in vertical or horizontal position. Cam action fastener provides quick and easy access and re-storage.

Mounting: Two holes for 5/16" screws on
14" center.
Individually packaged.
Size: 18½ " long x 1.25" wide x 5 ¾" high Approximately.

Number 1015
Safety Kit

Safety Kit consisting of:

  • Three warning triangles
  • One 2.75 lb. 10 B.C. Fire Extinguisher with bracket mounted to inside of lid.
  • Three 20-minute fuses.
  • All Efficiently organized in a heavy-duty plastic carrying case with handle.
  • Specify No. 1015-1 for No. 1015 without an extinguisher.

    Size: 20.5" long x 10.5" wide x 9.5" high.

Number 1005-2
Single Pak

Single Pak consisting of:

  • One triangle in reusable "clam shell" plastic case with
    Snap on closures.
  • Case is stackable and suitable for pegboard display.
  • Ideal for passenger vehicles.

    Master packed in cartons of 12.
    Size: 19" long x 5.5" wide x 1.75" high.

Replacement case available for 1005