Security & Record Boxes

Model 350
Security Box

Overall Size: 5.25" x 7" x 2"
Enclosure Size: Approximately 3.5" x 5.0" x 1"
Weight: 10 oz.

Space Age 'XENOY' construction. Indispensable, waterproof protection for titles, licenses, vehicle inspection certificates, any important papers.

  • An Industry Standard- King Security Boxes have been in use on both large and small truck and trailer fleets since 1947.
  • Eliminate Citations and save time at checking stations. No more downtime due to lost or misplaced papers.
  • Keeps Papers Handy - carry pertinent papers inside or outside where they are easily accessible.
  • Easier Equipment Maintenance - keep service and maintenance records with equipment. Invaluable for preventative maintenance and repair schedules.
  • Storage Enclosure Attached to Lid - Papers are contained in lid for quick retrieval.
  • Double Water Tight Protection - Gasket and water shield keeps papers dry. Guaranteed against leakage.
  • Quick Open. Quick close - simply press two clips to open. Slide in place to snap close. Double latch design prevents accidental opening.
  • Sturdily Constructed of 'Xenoy'
    Resin made exclusively for the transportation and marine industry. Impervious to the elements, chemicals, corrosion, rust, and ultra-violet light. Maintains strength over a wide temperature range (-60F to +195F).
  • Handy Marking Board on front of box for indicating service records or dates.
  • Service Records - Motors, tire, grease, refrigeration equipment and other record cards and calibration charts can be stored safely.
  • Versatile Mounting - Small enough to mount almost anywhere on trucks, trailers, containers, dollies, boats, or construction equipment.
  • Guaranteed Against Defects in materials and workmanship for the life of installation.

    Recommended for: Trucks, Trailers, Containers, Dollies, Boats, for Construction Equipment.