Security & Record Boxes

Model 300
Security Box

Outside Size 5.25" x 7" x 2"
Clipboard Size
3.5" x 5.25"
Weight: 1 lb.

Convenient, waterproof storage of license, permits, maintenance, records,
titles, vehicle inspection certificates,
and registration papers.

  • Proven in use - Has been standard installation on
    both large and small trailer fleets since 1947.
  • No more citations - Save time at checking stations. Papers always available: no more down - time due to lost or misplaced papers.
  • No Opening Cargo Area - carry pertinent papers outside where they are easily accessed.
  • Make Equipment Maintenance Easier - Keep service and maintenance records with equipment.
    Great for a preventative maintenance and repair schedule.
  • Clipboard Attached to Lid - Papers on clipboard come our attached to lid when it is removed. Papers cannot blow. away.
  • Keep Papers Dry - Clipboard holds papers in center of box away from container. Poron gasket in lid seals out all moister.
  • Sturdily Built - Long service life guaranteed. Durable die-cast aluminum construction.
  • A Marking Board - Front of box is a handy marking board for service records or dates.
  • Service Records - Tire, grease, refrigeration equipment and other records cards and calibration charts can be made to fit.
  • Mounts anywhere - even under flatbed trailers, earthmovers, or scraper.
  • Guaranteed Against Defects in materials workmanship, breakage, and leakage for life of first installation.
  • Recommended for: Trucks, Trailers, container, Off Highway Equipment, Flatbeds, Dollies.