Gladhands & Related Products

Nylon Composite Shut Off Gladhand

  • Heavy-duty 33% glass filled nylon body.
  • Stainless Steel connector plates.
  • CRequires no gladhand seal
  • Corrosion free
  • 16" cable
PART No. Description
5220 Universal Shut off gladhand
5221 Emergency Shut off gladhand
5222 Service Shut off gladhand

Straight Nylon Gladhands
  • Heavy-duty 30% glass filled nylon body.
  • Injection molded red, blue, and black.
  • Stainless Steel connecting and detent plates.
  • Urethane seals are standard
  • Corrosion free
PART No. Description
5430 Universal
5431 Emergency
5432 Service

Hose Swivel End Kit

  • Meets the requirements of Dot 106 and SAE J1402
  • Corrosion free Components
PART No. Description
5702 2 3/8" NPTF Swivel Ends

Hose Clips

  • Heavy Duty nylon material
  • Unique design allows ABS wire to run with brake hose
PART No. Description
5710 3/8" ID Hose
5711 1/2" ID Hose

Nylon Swivel Bracket with Nylon Gladhand

  • Bracket Molded from glass filled nylon
  • Nylon Composite gladhands with stainless steel connectors, urethane seals and brass nipple
  • Stainless steel internal spring.
  • Molded in brass bushing for air line connection.
  • Bracket with built in seat for gladhand opening to keep debri out when not in use.
  • All corrosion free components for improved air system life
PART No. Description
5731 Emergency with 90° swivel bracket
5732 Service with 90° swivel bracket

Glad Lock
  • Easy to install
  • Fits all brands
  • Prevents theft
PART No. Description
6203 Glad lock
6203 KA Glad lock, keyed alike

Glad Handle
  • Ensures a good connection between airline & gladhand
  • Prevents kinking or breaking of airline
  • Greatly facilitates connection and disconnecting of gladhands
  • Color coded
PART No. Description
6400 Color coded plastic gladhand handles

Gladhand Seals

PART No. Description
6602 Red urethane
6603 Blue urethane
6604 Black urethane

Air Blow Gun and Hose
  • 50 Ft. of air hose
  • Glad hand connection included
  • Combination blow gun / tire chuck
  • 300 psi hose
  • Fill tires
  • Clean out truck or trailer
PART No. Description Weight
7050 Air blow gun and hose 6.25 lbs.